Art-Tea-Zan Teas

We offer a fine range of Artisan teas, grown in accordance with permaculture principles on our West Oxfordshire Farm.

Oxfordshire Tea (£6 /50g(20 bags)) – A soft Darjeeling like tea, flavours of cedar and vanilla with a hint of butterscotch

Breakfast Tea (£4 /50g(20 bags)) – Our signature Blend; Our Oxfordshire Tea with Fair trade Assam Tea.

Afternoon Tea (£4 /50g(20 bags)) – A lighter blend; Our Oxfordshire Tea blended with Fair trade Assam and Darjeeling Teas.

Nettle Tea (£3 /50g(20 bags)) – Naturally detoxing nettle tea.

Jams and spreads

Dandelion Jam (£4.50 /180 ml) – Vegan honey substitute made from dandelions hand picked on our permaculture farm.

Blackberry Jam (£4.50 /180 ml) – Tasty jam made from berries hand picked on our farm.


Eggs (£1.00 /6 eggs) – Chicken eggs fresh from our free-range rescue hens.

Hops (£4.00 /25g)– Picked from our hop plants in Oxfordshire, ideal for crafts or making beer.

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