How we are Rewilding

TreeThinker aims to create a rich, permaculture farm, part of this involves the rewilding of a five acres of previous pasture land, in order to encourage and support local wildlife.

Rewilding is a conservation process which helps nature to take its course by allowing spaces to develop naturally, whilst providing connectivity with related ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity. The process helps to revive the countryside and restore degraded eco-systems, it enables the self-regulating systems which developed over millennia to restore the natural balance. By taking a step back in certain parts of the countryside, damaged landscapes can repair and soil can recover from modern farming practices which remove nutrients and reduce biodiversity. Rewilding allows ground cover to grow, maintaining nutrients whilst binding the soil and protecting it from the affects of flooding. At the same time, the growth acts to store carbon and produce oxygen, helping the environment as a whole.

European wildlife species diversity is steadily declining due to habitat destruction, pesticides and over exploitation of resources. Our wildlife, much of which may seem mundane now, is at risk. Some of this wildlife has critical ecological roles to play, rewilding helps us to protect these, restore lost species and encourages declining species to thrive.