- Climate Positive Tea -

TreeThinker produces delicious, high quality teas at our English tea garden. All of our tea is grown in accordance with permaculture principles and processed by hand in the UK for the freshest taste.

Even better, each time you drink a cup of TreeThinker tea, you are helping to reduce the effects of manmade climate change, because our tea growing, processing and distribution methods remove more carbon from the environment than they produce.

How does it work?

We use permaculture farming methods to manage the ecosystem at our tea garden. We support nature with a delicately managed balance of cultivation and supporting local wildlife.

We are rewilding British countryside and we use only sustainable packaging, we grow and process tea right here in the UK, meaning less emissions from transporting the tea. On top of all this, we offset the carbon used in importing any ingredients as well as in delivering the products to you. All so that you can enjoy a delicious brew which helps save the planet.

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