Ethics Statement

TreeThinker is an organisation with ethics at its heart. To us this means a commitment to improving the Earth and the lives of all those who inhabit it. To this end we have made 8 key pledges, to commit ourselves to being a force for good in the world. We pledge to always:

  1. Work in a way that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in

  2. Grow our produce in accordance with the permaculture principles of Earth care, People care & Fair share

  3. Source any ingredients and equipment from ethical suppliers who are either Fair Trade certified or local and who follow ethical and sustainable working practices

  4. Keep all of our products suitable for vegetarians and vegans

  5. Keep our products and packaging plastic free

  6. Be open about our working practices

  7. Support established wildlife networks

  8. Donate a share of the income from all product sales to help fight against man-made climate change